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The finishing touches you need to choose at the very beginning

One of the greatest privileges we have in sharing these blogs is the ability to introduce you to our network of very trusted businesses who we know, love and recommend wholeheartedly. Hopefully our homework notes on suppliers saves you hours of research and showroom visits. We’ll discuss more on why Sussex is Australia’s most innovative and sustainable brand in a minute but first, let’s check out the selections we’ve made from there for norsu Cabin!

For the Cabin, we wanted to pay homage to its era and character and given its rustic feel, we selected the Scala range in Living Tumbled Brass. This unsealed ‘living’ brass will beautifully, tarnish and oxidise over time, and continue to evolve into a uniquely individual piece, just like our Cabin. Here's an example of what it looks like:

Tapware Lingo 101

Whether it's to replace old, broken tapware or you’re undertaking a renovation, these insider notes will have you speaking fluent plumber in no time (and save you time and headaches down the track).

  1. Retrofit or renovation. A retrofit is the installation of a new tap in the place of an existing tap spot. If the tap style you want to install is different to what is currently installed, you’re possibly looking at additional renovation works.

  2. Rough in. The rough-in phase is the exact reason why choosing your tapware at the very beginning is imperative! It refers to the stage of construction just after the basic framing is done, where your plumber needs to install connections and water supply lines. To do this, they need some of your selected tapware components - the "body kits".

  3. Dress kits. These are the pretty parts, the actual tapware you see once your renovation is finished, the pieces you will actually use such as spouts, showerheads, and mixers. Installing the "dress kits" is the last step for your plumber.

Feel Good Designer Tapware

After discovering Sussex and specifying their taps in the OG norsuHome (my home renovation project in 2018), our obsession quickly went beyond just their designer good looks and into their innovation, quality, all Australian-made range and sustainable practices. As loyal fans for life, you’ll be seeing Sussex tapware featured not just in the Cabin but also in norsuHOME2.

We sat down with Jessica Murphy from Sussex to discuss the innovation behind their stylish tapware, their pioneering sustainability standards and what trends are on the horizon.

​"Every product is created in-house: beginning with the vision of a collection, to the casting in the foundry, all the way to craftsman’s workbench." -Jessica Murphy, Sussex


At the heart of Sussex’s designs is their passion for detail, experience, and ethical responsibility.

“We research, consider and incorporate the newest technologies in innovation and design, creating our own original designs and employing our own dedicated artisans. We take full responsibility for the social and environmental impact of everything we make”, Jessica explains.

As one of the very few companies in Australia to implement robotics to achieve high standards of polishing, Sussex built a state-of-the-art facility to house the world's best PVD finishing technology. We have been lucky enough to tour the Sussex manufacturing space several times - Harvey still talks about his visit from 2017!

“Having full internal control allows us to ensure quality over our products and processes that are crafted under the watchful eye of our artisans”.

It’s a difference in quality and durability that it obvious when compared to other big brands out there stocking imported tapware.


Proud trailblazers in sustainability, Sussex were Australia's first carbon neutral tapware company and are also an official member of the Climate Active network; one of the strictest carbon neutral certification bodies in the world.

“Our ambitious goal of transforming our manufacturing operation and all our products to reach net zero emissions and offsetting 100% of our carbon footprint hasn't been easy, but it was necessary” Jessica explains.

It’s the ultimate feel good purchase knowing that you’re getting 100% Australian designed and made, unprecedented quality AND helping invest in a better tomorrow.

Trend Forecast

When we asked about the colours and finishes we’ll be seeing more of, Jessica explains that there’s been a shift from the electroplated finishes towards their PVD and living finishes ranges.

​“Our living finishes in five stunning colour options are certainly very popular as they are ethically more sustainable, and we see that people really love that they patina over time and add character to a space”.

Jessica also says that their PVD finishes are very popular due to their superior durability and perfect finish and coat.

A huge thanks to Jessica for her time answering these questions and to the entire Sussex team, whose passion and commitment is contagious.

Another family-run business that we’re thrilled to stand alongside and give you our hand-on-heart recommendation for your tapware.

If you’d like to discuss your renovation or interiors styling project, book in a complimentary 30 minute design consultation with our team - we’d love to hear from you.


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