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Take a walk through with me

We are well and truly getting down to the pointy end of the renovation now, as I can see my new home coming to life before my eyes with every new day. I cannot tell you how much I love this stage... This week alone, we've tiled all the bathrooms, installed all joinery and handles, AND the kitchen cabinetry. My excitement levels are through the roof, as it's definitely starting to feel like our home now, so let's take a quick walk through... Nat x

Before and After

Hello new kitchen!! Renders vs this week's install progress. Slide to see more.

The Gallery

A sneak peek of our Perini Tiles, Tesrol cabinetry and Iver hardware. So excited to see this all come together!

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Absolutely amazing! How lucky you are! Can I please ask, what is the big handle on the big rear doors leading out to your outdoor.

Warm Regards


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