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Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Effortlessly Stylish Bathrooms + Tips for Smaller Bathrooms

Our connections with boutique Australian, family-owned businesses continues to be our greatest strength in renovation projects and it is with confidence and pride that we introduce you to Designer Bathware and the lovely Jess McLean, who’s been our wing-woman on bringing some magic to the Cabin bathrooms. Together with our Senior Interior Designer Lauren Bartlett-Bragg (aka Loz), we sat down with Jess to grab some insights on selecting effortlessly stylish pieces for your bathroom.

We’re so excited to share with you the Cabin selections from Designer Bathware, so let’s start there shall we?

“When we started the design journey for the Cabin, we knew we wanted the space to not only reflect our classic norsu style, but really capture the essence of the log cabin feel”. – Loz.

Our Selections - Cabin Moodboard

The challenge: Even though these bathrooms are going to pack a serious style punch, they are small spaces, so function and practicality was a major design focus.

The solution: Lauren explains that “using curves in a small room gives the impression of more space as there are no harsh corners - and vertical lines give the impression of a higher ceiling, so this logic played a large part in our selections”.

In the Cabin we selected a smaller freestanding bath from Designer Bathware (the Zahra in the 1500mm size - see above) with a stunning fluted profile. It’s a perfect example of an element that has both curves and vertical lines.

Speaking of baths, did we mention we’re also including an outdoor one? We’ve gone with a Concrete Republic Kurva from Designer Bathware and it’s going to be a gamechanger! Positioned in a private area on the 3000m2 property with a handy firepit nearby, can you just imagine how bathing outdoors under a million stars will feel?

​As Jess says, it was an idea we were as equally excited about as each other. “Not only will it create a beautiful landscaping feature, but it will also allow someone to fully immerse themselves in (being 1700mm sized) surrounded by Macedon’s gorgeous trees and greenery."

In regards to shower screens, we continued with our curved theme all the way. We went with narrow reeded glass because it’s practical for privacy as well as gorgeous and, given that the ceiling heights are quite low, Jess suggested a curved panel shower screen that will “soften the edges”. Loz adds “not only do they look amazing but the vertical lines further elongate the ceiling height! Win!”

Designer Bathware make custom made-to-measure shower screens in Melbourne. This is perfect for the Cabin as the walls certainly are not straight! A massive thank you to Justin who made the trip to Macedon to measure so carefully for us.

When it comes to foolproof stylish items for any bathroom project, both Loz and Jess agree on some key selections.

  • Freestanding baths

  • Add curves – from vanities to curved mirror cabinets and shower screens

  • Beautiful, quality tapware

Lauren also suggests adding some warmth or personality with the finish of your vanity. “This is an element that you could introduce a timber finish or be bold and add colour!”


Smaller Bathroom Advice

1. Perfect your layout

Being a self-confessed floor plan addict, Loz says the number one, most important thing to do, is to make sure you are nailing the layout because “a good layout will make all the difference in a small space”. Get advice on this before you start anything!

2. Wall hung vanities

Jess says, “Wall hung vanities are brilliant. They extend the floor past the vanity front which means the space looks bigger overall”. Loz agrees with this tip and also suggests “having it approximately 20cm off the ground, as the negative space under the vanity will give the illusion of more room”.

3. Maximise your storage

Loz recommends maximising storage in the vanity by using an above counter basin, whilst mirrors with recessed storage are another great storage solution. Jess adds “there are so many stylish options, different shapes, and colours to choose from - with and without LED lighting”.

Designer Bathware also custom make made-to-measure mirrors in every shape and style.

4. Realistic bath selection

We know from our showroom visits that Designer Bathware have a huge range of shapes and finishes available and Jess suggests considering back to wall baths or corner baths as a great option for smaller bathrooms. She also says, “if the space is too small for a bath and you have no plans on selling the property, don’t have a bath and have a bigger shower”.

5. Tiling from floor to ceiling

Loz explains that “if you tile only half way up the wall, this creates a line around the room that will essentially "chop" the room off”. She suggests tiling all the way to the ceiling to guide the eyes upward. On the topic of tiles, Loz recommends a larger sized floor to reduce the amount of grout lines and keep the area less busy.

Finally let’s get Jess and Loz’s ‘what’s hot’ in bathroom trends.

What’s hot and here to stay:

1. Coloured tapware – Jess says “brushed nickel tapware is very much the new chrome, and is what most clients go to unless they are prepared to be a little more adventurous.” For us at norsu, I think we fall into that more adventurous category because we’ve selected tumbled brass from the Sussex range.

2. Curves and fluted profiles – Loz is definitely a fan and says most of the projects she’s currently working on have elements of curves added. Jess agrees with this adding oval and arched shaped mirrors have taken the front seat and the range just keeps growing.

3. A fixed panel for shower screens – Jess says this growing trend is also often the best option as there is less hardware to clean and no need to match tapware. She recommends a fixed panel to be 1200mm or bigger to have no water over splash, however, Designer Bathware regularly install panels between 900 and 1000 for clients that love the idea but don’t have space for a 1200mm panel.

Hope you found this helpful and if you need any help with your renovating, simply book a complimentary 30 minute consultation with Loz and the team.

And it goes without saying that a visit to the new Designer Bathware showroom is a must.

Designer Bathware 504 Bridge Road,

Richmond VIC

And if you're in a regional area or interstate, here is a little tour with Nat so you don't miss out!

Visits with Designer Bathroom

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